This collection is a collaboration between Nice Drips & theFarmacist®.
11,111 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nice Skunks are not only exceptional collectibles, but are also mintpass for a coming 3D collection, which will be a ticket to a real life secret club.



0 / 11111 Minted


Nice Drips is a collection of 11,111 NFTs, focused on art and music, and helping people who need support by giving back ETH to hodlers.

TheFarmacist® is a well known entrepreneur and has organized events for people like DMX [RIP], Redman, Methodman, Cypress Hill, and many more.

As a main supporter, we have Smitty, who is Post Malone's official DJ and is also producer for many other big name artists.


The Nice Skunks collection will not only be an art collectible, but it will also play a role as a mintpass for theFarmacist®'s 3D collection, which is coming later this year.

That 3D collection will become an entry for real life events in a Private Tea Club & NFT Gallery [at an insane, secret location]. And only Nice Skunks hodlers will be able to mint that 3D collection.

Nice Skunk 1


As we already know, Dr. Gustopulus' evil plan succeeded, and the Nice Drips took over our world.

They have now established their own rules, way of living, countries, and societies. And they have even renamed our planet to Driplandia.

As their population was rapidly growing, some of the Drips didn't feel that this place was enough for their ambitions, so they've built ultra-fast rocket ships, with which they started to explore the rest of The Universe.

That's how they found a new habitable planet, where Nice Skunks were already living.

Instead of starting a war they weren't sure they could win, Nice Drips decided to collaborate with the Nice Skunks.

To be continued...


The Tea Club and NFT Gallery is a place where those who hold the 3D NFT, for which they will need to use a Nice Skunk as a mintpass, will have access to ongoing private events.

NFT collectors and artists can come together in real life and meet up with other artists, collectors, crypto enthusiasts, musicians, entrepreneurs, and just people who want to learn more about NFTs.

During these events, NFT collections will be showcased, giving the opportunity to artists to sell and to collectors to buy NFTs by participating in auctions in real time, on the spot, all while enjoying a cup of tea and chatting with like-minded people.

Different events will each include a different mini-event, like limited edition merch, quick tattooing, and maybe even some special ice cream that they can buy from a drippy truck.

The secret address of the Tea Club and NFT Gallery will be revealed through a verification system, by only signing with a wallet on our website.